Misc > Personal : Games made with Softimage

May 8th, 2005 (8:02pm) by James | Comments Off

I often get asked “What games have been made with Softimage?” The answer in a single word – loads!

Here is a small photo gallery…

Virtua Fighter 4 - Sega AM2 Co., Ltd.P.N.03 (C) CAPCOM CO. LTDResident Evil (C) CAPCOM CO. LTDRainbow SIx 3 (C) UBISOFTAlyx from Half-life2 (C) VALVE LLC.Virtua Fighter 4 (C) SEGA-AM2Jet Set Radio Future (C) SEGA SmilebitPanzer Dragoon 3 (C) SEGA SmilebitSuper Monkey Ball (C) SEGA Amusement VisionSpace Channel 5 (C) SEGAVirtua Striker 2002 (C) SEGA Amusement VisionVirtua Fighter (C) SEGA AM2Shinobi (C) SEGAREZ (C) UGA/SEGAP.N.03 (C) CAPCOM CO. LTDPrince of Persia (C) UbisoftGordon Freeman from Half-life2 (C) Valve LLC.Quantum Redshift (C) Curly Monsters/Microsoft Game StudiosFinal Fantasy XI (C) Square EnixF-Zero (C) SEGA Amusement VisionGrand Prix Challenge (C) ATARIAmoured Core 3FIFA Soccer (C) Electronic ArtsRuff Trigger (C) PlaystosIBM Showcase (C) UVPhactoryBUJUNGAI (C) TAITODragon Dragoon (C) Square EnixGhost in the Shell (C) CAVIA/Shirow Masamune-Production I.G./SCE/BANDAIGhost in the Shell (C) CAVIA/Shirow Masamune-Production I.G./SCE/BANDAIOnimusha 3 (C) CAPCOM CO. LTD.

Misc > Tools & Scripts : Cubemap Generator

May 1st, 2005 (3:42am) by James | Pages: 1 2 | Files | Comments Off

A simple to use plugin that can be used to create (and generate) a list of cubemaps for use in realtime shaders or mental ray®.


Misc > Tools & Scripts : Mark Soft Edge/Vertex

May 1st, 2005 (2:02am) by James | Pages: 1 2 | Files | Comments Off

When modelling with polygon meshes you can set a vertex or edge as hard. However, if you freeze the operator or delete the cluster it is difficult to remove the hardness. This tool is a simple command to do this.

Mark Soft Vertex/Edge

Misc > Tools & Scripts : Draw Primitives

May 1st, 2005 (1:23am) by James | Pages: 1 2 | Files | Comments Off

This is a simple plugin which allows you to draw the SOFTIMAGE®|XSI™ primitves where you click in the viewport. This is useful for people coming from a 3DS Max background, or level designers who just want to place an object.

Softimage Basics > Tutorials : Statistics in the viewport

April 30th, 2005 (11:14pm) by James | v4.2 Mod Tool + | Comments Off

When modelling for games, its important to make sure you are creating a model that runs efficently in-game. One of the main ways of doing this is by limiting the number of triangles/points that make your mesh. In order to do this effectively, here is a handy technique which will display that info in the viewport while you are working.

Softimage Basics > Tutorials : Flat Shading

April 30th, 2005 (11:04pm) by James | v4.2 Mod Tool + | Comments Off

When working on low res models or sub-d cages it can be useful to work in what is commonly called “Flat shading”. There isn’t a display mode built in to cover this, but instead it is a property controlled on the object.

Softimage Basics > Tutorials : Mixing Display Modes

April 25th, 2005 (12:25am) by James | v4.2 Mod Tool + | Comments Off

Although there are many display modes available, sometimes you will want to have different modes on different objects. This can be very useful when creating model planes in your scene.

Misc > Personal : Visit to London Zoo

April 17th, 2005 (8:23pm) by James | 2 Comments

I went to London Zoo today.

Well worth going if you haven’t been for a while. There’s a great new monkey exhibit that lets you get right up close with no fences. I want a monkey of my own.

Here are the pics…

stop swimming you damm fish!i like these guysnice fishy!finding nemoits the new african bird avary - very coolvery angry birdsthis guy just wouldn't stop posing - chavlook who's back in the shotthe children's zoo was full of large sticks to the kids to play with... hmmmi live in desertscool spongejellies - cooool!these moles are naked - they are Naked Mole Ratsits a circus bugmany monkeysmonkey in a tree